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Jon H.

Assistant Director of IT

Washington D.C

"I spent countless hours searching for a service that could help get my résumé in job-ready condition."
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Mia P.

Assistant Scientist

San Antonio, TX

"I sent dozens of applications out to various labs with no success and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong."
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Mike M.

Sales Associate

Los Angeles, CA

"I needed a résumé and I had no clue where or how to start writing one."
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Angela S.

Regional Manager

New York City, New York

"I have been working for my company for nearly ten years and I just needed a change. It had been so long since I had even thought about résumés, let...
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Thomas M., Vice President, Global Sales

Thomas M.

Vice President, Global Sales

New York City, NY

"I haven’t needed a résumé in over 20 years. When you climb high enough in the corporate ladder they usually don’t ask you for a résumé. But w...
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Eli Strobel


Columbia, MO

"I had been applying to every single open EMS position that I could find online. But I could never get a call back and I couldn’t figure out why. I ...
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Joseph R.

Trust and Safety Specialist

Kansas City, Missouri

"I spent most of my life in the military and when you’re in the military, you don’t need a résumé. Consequently, I never needed to sit down and ...
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Sianna Streeter

Communications Assistant

Boston, MA

"As an aspiring communications professional graduating from one of the top journalism schools in the country, the competition was fierce when it came ...
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Kandace Bridges

Kandace Bridges

Client Analytic Manager

Atlanta, GA

"In the weeks following submission of my updated résumé, I received numerous responses about job opportunities, including 4 roles (with prominent or...
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