Orrie Covert’s Success Story

Orrie Covert

Senior Associate Vice Chancellor

Columbia, MO


"My passion for higher education is extremely personal and to that end, achieving the most I can in my career is important to me. I want to have the biggest impact possible, and doing that is, of course, no easy process."


"In order to maximize the impact I could have as a higher education executive, I decided to utilize Respected Résumés. Their thorough approach really appealed to me and I felt that they would do a great job handling my broad range of experiences and skills."


"Respected Résumés spent the time to look into me as a person and a professional and were really able to make my best qualities and skills shine. In the end, I received a clean, we put together résumé that had the highest potential for engaging with new institutions. This résumé is an effective tool for communicating the value I can bring to the table for other higher education institutions. Instead of worrying if my résumé is good enough for them, I am able to wonder if positions are right for me instead."