Does Your Résumé Pass The 6-Second Test?

Whether you’re a recent graduate preparing to enter the job force, professional entering a different industry, an executive looking for that next big career move, or even a service member needing help transitioning into civilian life – we’ve got your back. Our team is dedicated to making sure your résumé stands out.

Is Your Résumé as Professional as You?

After a few years at the same company, you find yourself scanning the job listings every morning over coffee. Sure, you could continue the daily grind until retirement, but you want something more.

Whether you are ready to re-brand yourself to enter a new industry, experiencing a gap in employment, or are simply looking for a way to move up in your current career, Respected Résumés can help. Our team of career consultants know how to showcase your skills and experience in a way that will be irresistible to hiring managers. Our team has experience in career coaching, recruiting, and are trained in Human Resources Management from the American Management Society.

Is Your Executive Résumé Articulating Your Value Proposition Appropriately?

You climbed the career ladder on your own by being loyal and hardworking. As an experienced executive, you need a carefully crafted marketing document illustrating your record of profitability, productivity, and continued growth. It is vital that your résumé shows off your achievements and career progression in a concise and strategic manner that commands attention. Our experts have helped leaders ranging from small business owners to high-profile executives at Fortune 50 companies.

The team here at Respected Résumés will collaborate closely with you to develop your new résumé. Our experts carry credentials ranging from Masters in Business to Certified Professional Résumé Writer. We have an extensive history in HR Management. Our team has helped a multitude of executives design the perfect résumé for their career transition. We have the knowledge and expertise to showcase your personal brand in a way that will be irresistible to prospective boards and recruiters.

Does Your Résumé Serve You as Well as You’ve Served Your Country?

At Respected Résumés, we understand veterans and the career challenges you face when returning to civilian life. Don’t underestimate the efficacy of your military skill set. Your experience can be seamlessly transferred into a successful civilian career, and we can help you get there.

Our team of career consultants will showcase your personal brand in a way that is irresistible to hiring managers. We are able to translate your military service training, skills, experience, and honors into digestible language that non-military professionals will understand. Our team has over ten years of experience chairing hiring committees for organizations such as the VA and have composed documents for executive-level leadership within the Federal Government. We are ready to put our services to work for you—what are you waiting for?