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Through our consultative approach, we’ll unearth the driving forces that are capable of propelling you to your dream job. Our team will gain a solid understanding of your experience, career goals, and target positions to craft a story that is authentic and presents you in a unique and irresistible fashion.

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How Does The Process Work?

Our Collaborative and Personalized Approach

Step 1 – Initial Review

Submit your résumé here or use the form below for a free, no obligation review.


Step 2 – Feedback and Pricing

You will receive a review and a custom quote from our experts within 24 hours of your submission. The quote you receive is based on your total years of work experience, the level of improvement needed to your résumé, and the type of positions you are seeking. We believe you should only pay for the amount of work you need, and not a penny more.


Step 3 – Order Placed and Information Gathering

Once you move forward, we will pair you with an expert résumé writer who has extensive experience in your target industry. Our team will request any information needed from you, including links to jobs you are most interested in and any information missing from your current résumé. This information will ensure your new documents are targeted and keyword optimized appropriately. You will also have an opportunity to schedule a call directly with a member of our team.


Step 4 – Revisions and Order Delivery

You will have the opportunity to review your new documents and work with our team on any revisions you feel are necessary. The revision process continues until you are in love with every line of your new résumé. You will receive both the editable Word version and PDF version of your new résumé upon completion, and you maintain 100% ownership of these for life.


What Should I Expect?

A Simple Process Delivering Exceptional Results

Turnaround Time

Typical order turnaround time is 5-6 business days, and expedited turnaround is offered for those needing it done quicker. Our process is highly collaborative and is handled through email communication and an optional phone consultation. Our experts know exactly what hiring managers are looking for and what questions to ask. We know the right questions to ask and will uncover everything we need to know about your experience and goals. We will develop your new résumé in a compelling way that presents you as a competitive and highly unique individual.



Your new documents are considered drafts when they are delivered to you. You will have the opportunity to review these and work closely with our team to make adjustments until you are satisfied. Revisions requests are completed within 48-72 hours, if not sooner.


Your New Documents

Your new résumé and cover letter will be designed in a way that allows you to quickly & easily tailor them to different positions and companies. This customization ensures you are maximizing your chances of landing more interviews with an individualized approach. Sit back and apply with confidence!


What Is Included?

You will receive both an editable Word version and a PDF version of your new résumé, and you maintain 100% ownership of these for life.


Any Guarantees?

Over 93% of Our Résumés Land Interviews!

Our work isn’t done until you are completely satisfied. Therefore, we do not put a limit on the number of revisions we offer. In the rare event that you are not receiving the responses you expected, simply reach out and our team will review and revise your new résumé as needed.



Competitive Pricing, Unbeatable Quality

Pricing is custom tailored and varies on factors including your total years of work experience, the level of improvement needed to your current résumé, and the type of positions you are seeking. We offer a free review of your résumé upfront to assess this information and ensure we are a good fit. Once our review is complete, our team will provide a quote based on the amount of service you need. We feel there is no point in going over pricing until we establish that it is in your best interest to make the investment.


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