How to Start Writing Your Résumé

Blink. Blink. Blink.

You know that terrible feeling you have when you stare at a blank Word document for hours because you don’t know where to get started? You start scrolling through Facebook or other social media to avoid the dread.  We all hate that feeling. It’s that feeling in you get in your gut; you know you it’s really important, but you don’t know what to put down.

Writing a résumé is a daunting task. It’s all the Hiring Manager will have to gauge you on. This piece of paper will represent your work ethic, education, intelligence, and personality. Many Résumé writing services will try to sell you on the fact that you have to make your résumé unique in order to stand out. While we agree that being unique does help you stand out; it may not help you stand out in the right way.

There is an accepted standard format to how résumés are set up. This is what Hiring Managers prefer and are looking for. They are looking and hundreds maybe even thousands of applications. So, they are trying to filter through them as quickly as possible. There is a method to how these Hiring Managers will look at your résumés. If you diverge from the accepted standard format they have to spend more time looking at your résumés, which will frustrate them. This will decrease your chances of getting shortlisted.

Your résumé should be formatted to be in an F pattern with short, concise bullets that highlight your most pertinent job responsibilities with quantifiable accomplishments. In this format the Hiring Manager can skim across the top to see your name and education. Then they will move down the left side of the page to see your most relevant position and read the next 11 characters of each bullet. This is why you must maximize the density of your information content by being as concise as you can.

As you can tell there are many aspects you must consider when designing your résumé. The experts at Respected Résumés can help you get started on the right track or even design a custom résumé tailored just for you!